Tools and techniques 

I have listed the techniques and a small introduction to each in the links below. The idea is to provide an introduction to pique your interest and not to repeat the material that the technique's website/manual will have.

  1. Introduction - in this article, I give a general overview of what these methods are about, the kind of situations they are well suited for and how they compare to other practices.

  2. Emotrance - of the many methods I explored, this is one of the most elegant methods for shifting emotions. As a practitioner of this method, I use it regularly for a range of issues with my clients and it is well worth the effort it takes to learn it. 

  3. Energy EFT - EFT is the most popular method in this space. Developed from the principles of Emotrance applied to Classic EFT, it is easy to use and very effective.

  4. Positive EFT - this is a pleasant and easy offshoot from Energy EFT and it is great starting point for understanding the connection between energy flow and emotions. For self help, my clients find this to be the easiest method for everyday personal use. 
    I will update this page with my experience and summary of other methods in the coming days. 

Related articles

If you are new to techniques like these, they might seem too far out to be of practical  value.

  1. A good way to test drive these techniques is to consider the effects of stress and pick up one or more important areas that have a material impact on you.

  2. I have shared some tips that have helped me when I explore methods like these and I hope you will find them useful as well: tips for learning new techniques.

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