Energy EFT

When it comes to emotions/state management, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the most popular technique in the world today.  

It is very effective as a tool for treating emotional disturbances, stress and pain.

I think there are 2 main reasons for its immense popularity:

The first one is that its developer, Gary Craig, open sourced it and allowed others to refine/change/develop it as they see it fit without imposing a trademark or royalty.

The second one is the method itself; since it has physical, verbal, movement and breathing aspects to it, it much easier to use for  someone to use even under severe stress than methods which require you to silence your senses when you are very disturbed!

So if you look up EFT on the web, you will find innumerable variants each proposing their own model and protocol. Its history and development has enough meat to make a movie out of it :). If you are interested, read up the history of tapping on the amt website.

Energy EFT

Energy EFT was developed by Silvia Hartmann using the model and principles of energy learnt from a decade of experience with Emotrance.

It naturally proposes a very similar model:

  1.  All of us have an energy body just like a physical body. 
  2. Negative emotions/stress are nothing but disturbances in the flow of energy through the energy body.
  3. By using the prescribed protocol which tapping on specific points the disturbance is released.  
  4. Once flow is restored the emotion is released and the person feels good.
  5. Increasing the flow of energy by further tapping by focusing on a  positive results in good sensations and positive feelings.

When I first read about EFT (now Clinical EFT) many years ago, it sounded like voodoo :).  I tried it for a short while and could make nothing of it, so I left it to try other things.

But I kept getting references to it again repeatedly, so I bought a book and gave it a proper trial. Then I was able to get it to work and I was hooked.

I like the current Energy EFT version as it works very well and is much easier to use in practice and gets rid of many awkward points and steps in the original protocol.

Once you gain a working familiarity with it, it is fairly easy and fast to use. The fear of dogs case story illustrates how you would use it in practice. 

Having the same energy model across techniques also makes it easier for everyone to learn other techniques like Emotrance and Positive EFT without starting from a total random place.

Further reading

  1. The book is the best way to learn it. The free demo chapters have all the basic information you need to get started. 
  2. Positive EFT
  3. Learning a new technique

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