Understanding stress

I wrote these collection of articles to give you a clear insight into the effects the stress, why it is important to manage it, understand it roots and some effective methods on removing it from our lives. 

  1. Effects of stress - this article clearly explains our biological response to stress and how it results in decreased mental ability (stress stupidity) and an impaired immune system.

  2. What causes stress - while it is tempting to consider stress as an objective result of an external factor, the truth is that stress is a very  subjective affair.

  3. Understanding conditioning and behavior - we often wrongly think that our behavior or reactions are set in stone and an absolute reflection of personal worth. This article will be useful to understanding repeating behavior patterns and responses. 

Recent Articles

  1. Inflexible schedules

    Different people learn at different rates. If this is not accounted for and a hard tight schedule enforced, it leads to problems.

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  2. Is the learner passive?

    Whether the design of learning environment keeps the student actively working the skill for the most part or as a passive observer makes all the difference.

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  3. Positive EFT in the homeo clinic

    This case story describes my experience of introducing positive eft to a few of my wife's clients in her homeo clinic

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