The resources below are a collection of books, techniques and websites that have been very useful to me.

  1. Positive EFT  -  Read my positive eft introduction. Manual - positive eft manual.

  2. Energy EFT - Read my introduction to energy eft. Manual -  energy eft manual.

  3. Emotrance -  Read my emotrance intro. Manual: emotrance manual

  4. Biology of belief  - This excellent book by Bruce Lipton covers a range of useful topics like the effects of stress, programmed behavior, conscious and subconscious minds, conscious parenting, placebos and nocebos and much more. You will look at life differently after you understand this book.

  5. What doctors don't get to study in medical school - written by eminent cardiologist and padma bhushan Dr Hegde, this book provides insight into the so called science behind many medical practices.
    He shows how business concerns drive "normal ranges" for so many "health indicators" like cholesterol and blood pressure. He takes a honest view of medical interventions and how the drug and diagnosis industry turns large sections of the population into "patients" :-).
    He has an insightful commentary on blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. and if someone in your family is affected by them, then this this book is a must read. 
    I really liked his powerful style of writing and his practical and philosophical views on what creates health, what is needed to be an effective doctor, the role of the expectation effect (placebo effect) and the need to leave the healthy alone. 
    If you have time to read only one book on health this year, then read this book!

  6. You are the Placebo - Making your mind matter  is a wonderful book by Joe Dispenza. The word 'placebo' often triggers a sense of fraud or gullibility due to the way it is used in media and discussions. This book will help you see it in an entirely new light by documenting cases where placebo is just as good as cutting edge medicines or surgery. The story of his own healing from a major spinal fracture and subsequent multi decade research to understand effects of the human mind on healing will leave you with a new appreciation for this phenomenon :).

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