Positive EFT Workshop

This is an experiential workshop run over two sundays (2 hours each) to give a practical experience of using Positive EFT to change your own state.

In this workshop, I cover the basics of Positive EFT and its everyday applications. I spend some time on the theory, but most of the workshop revolves around exercises designed to give you a personal experience of using the techniques to release your stress, enter a positive state, manage a difficult situation etc.

You have a week in between to practice the basics and get any practical doubts clarified in the second session.

Dates : 2nd and 9th November
Time  : 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Fees   : Rs 2000 
Venue: Dr Hema's Homeo Clinic, BHEL (this is not a skype event).
For reservations, call: 9912378030 

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