Positive EFT in homeo clinic

If you look at the effects of stress, it will be clear that stress/emotions management should be an essential component of any health or disease management intervention.

Experiment in the homeo clinic

Most good doctors take into account the life style of the patient and suggest changes to diet, exercise etc. While they do stress the importance of having a positive outlook and managing emotions, practical easy means for doing that are usually lacking.

Usually methods like meditation are suggested which few people can practice or use properly when they are already in a stressful state.

I always wanted to see what will happen if we introduce something easy like Positive EFT for managing stress and emotions in a regular medical setting. The theory clearly suggests that there is a lot to be gained if stress is effectively managed.

As luck would have it, my wife, Dr. Hemalatha, who had good personal experiences with EFT was willing to try it for some of her difficult chronic cases in her homeo clinic. 

It was possible for her to consider PEFT as homeopaths do give a lot of importance to the mental/emotional state of their patients.

In addition, you come across cases where people become sick after a significant emotional event like a fright, accident, death in the family, downturn in business etc. All these factors are taken into account by homeopaths.

So we selected a few patients and trained them to use Positive EFT to release everyday stress and enter into positive states everyday.

To say that the cases started progressing on "fast forward" is to put it mildly. A couple of cases stand out clearly:

Case 1 - Case of  hypo thyroidism

Miss Swathi (name changed), an unmarried girl, came to my wife with high TSH (>150), palpitations, weakness, muscular pains, increased weight etc.

Her doctor perceived significant emotional contributors to her issues and recommended Positive EFT in addition to her regular treatment. 

With the regular use of Positive EFT, Swathi said that she was able to manage her everyday stress in relation to her boss and her personal relationships and was much better subjectively.

A test after 3 months of regular treatment, a new report showed TSH in the normal range.

This was a huge surprise to the doctor as well. Usually such cases took her more than year to treat. This result was a miracle of sorts.

Case 2 - Case of muscular and disc problem

Mrs Padma (name changed), about 60 years old, came with presenting symptoms of muscular weakness, inability to raise hand, heaviness of the body, difficulty in walking, climb the stairs etc. 

She has been suffering from these issues for the last 10 years. The regular doctors said that it was incurable and that she should take rest and exercise to manage.

The homeo doctor suggested Positive EFT along with her regular treatment as she had significant everyday fears and anxieties.

After first 3 months of regular treatment and everyday EFT, her upper part of the body became light and she reported being able to do her work without pains.

When we discussed further, she said that she was a confident woman all her life and that all her fears and anxieties started a few years back after a particular series of extremely frightful dreams. 

We did EFT for those events to release their effect. Next time we met, she reported that she has been mostly free of her fear of falling, every day anxieties etc. 

Now she is able to walk and conduct herself confidently. Last time we met, she said that, "I was resigned to live for a few more years and die, but now I have hope and confidence that my health will become normal and I will have a happy life".

Summing it up

The positive results that we have had, has convinced my wife that methods like PEFT can be super helpful in treating her chronic cases. She even went ahead and signed up for the practitioner course in Energy EFT!

If you have any long lasting health issues in your family, it is totally worth experimenting to see the difference PEFT can make. 

If you are a practitioner or a patient who would like to discuss this further with us, you can do so via the contact page.

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