Information for clients

If this is the first time you are considering having a session with me, the information on this page will be helpful in getting the most out of your sessions.

Selecting an issue

Usually we have a lot of things going on that we would like to change, but it is always helpful to pick issues that are specific and measurable.

For example, "My job is in a mess" is a very general problem and hard to measure progress on. In such cases it is helpful to dig deeper you may find issues around relationships with your boss or customers or some aspect of your job and treat them as individual issues that need to be resolved.

An issue like "I dread my weekly meeting with my investors", "I hate XYZ", "I can't speak up in a meeting and its affecting my growth"  are much better issues to work on they are much more specific and we can measure how you are doing with respect to them when you encounter that situation again.

It is all right even if you cannot do this initially as I will help you do it as we go through our sessions.  Very general issues can be address with a mix of stress management, exercises for increasing energy levels and sub division into specific issues.

Another thing that helps with motivation is to pick up an issue that has a significant impact to you (i.e.) some thing that is affecting the 'quality' of your life.  It could be a behavioral issue that is holding you up from your next promotion or an anxiety that makes you perform less than your potential or some recurring reaction that is affecting your relationships. 

How much time and sessions will it take?

Every individual and every issue is very different and how many sessions a given issue takes to resolve varies. 

Depending on the issue, I have have one or more sessions per week over many weeks.

Most people see forward progress after every session. There is a decrease in anxiety, change of reactions for the better, ability to handle things better, a reduction in the intensity of the issue etc.

You can help speed up the process by spending time on the 'take home exercises'. 

Will it work for me?

Positive EFT and Emotrance work for most people. The best way to know if works for you is to try it.

How long will each session be?

Each session typically runs for 60 or 90 minutes. For new clients I recommend 90 minute sessions so that I have sufficient time to discuss their issue, answer any questions and introduce the methods.

How do I book a session?

Use the consultation form  to contact me to discuss your issue and book a session. 

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