Low Self Confidence

This case story kindly written by the client himself shows how Emotrance can have a powerful impact on a person's self concept and esteem.

Sharing a case story like this in writing needs a lot of courage and I am grateful to this client for writing this up for the benefit of those who will read it. 

The client's experience

I am a fairly well accomplished professional with a very good education back ground from premier institutes in India. With my background, one would expect me to be very confident and getting along well with others.

However, I have a very low self esteem flowing from my childhood experiences and my lower middle class background.  I work for a multinational company  and in spite of my high achievement orientation, I get manipulated by people with half my IQ. This was really getting to me and I was not liking it one bit.

There was an inherent inbuilt automatic reaction of kowtowing before authority figures who subsequently take me for a grand corporate ride. In fact a call from people above me in the hierarchy induced an automatic bent in my demeanor when talking on the mobile to them.

I approached the Emotrance practitioner who diagnosed that there could be some events that were holding me back and changing my relation with major events in my past could change things for me.

We identified one event involving a so called spiritual guru who really humiliated me in front of others around 12 years back. Till that point in time, I had interpreted that the reaction of this guru had some thing to do with my inherent flaws and that his harshness was intended as a correctional measure. This was also corroborated by equally low self esteemed folks who were part of the guru's organization.

After a session of around 1 hour 15 minutes, my whole mind was refreshed and I did not feel bad about the incident and in fact I started looking at it in a new light. I questioned the authority of this self proclaimed guru to monitor my flaws and his credentials and ability.

I felt empowered and from then on my whole demeanor in office changed. No  more strings and automatic reactions that people can use to pull me. I still remember the bemusement on my boss's face when he realized his usual manipulations were not working.   The posture was naturally confident when talking to him and I was asking him tough questions on some of the things he was doing presumably for my benefit.

I am feeling so empowered now that I indeed quit my current role, reported my boss's falsities to the concerned people in the organization and moved on to a new role. I feel empowered now and am taking this new feeling into my new role.


This case story highlights the reality that in spite of good education, great technical competence, financial success etc.  even high achievers can have significant confidence issues in some areas of their lives.

Instead of considering it as 'my nature', it makes a lot of sense to see your reactions in such situations for what they really are - just conditioned responses due to prior experiences. In Emotrance terms, these are just disturbances in your energy system.

When a significant event like the event with his  guru is healed, it leads to significant breakthroughs in one's thinking, confidence and self concept. 

By that experience it becomes a crystal clear personal truth that his prior response was only an energy disturbance and has nothing to with his 'spiritual lack' or 'flaws' or 'identity'.

That same insight is now available to apply in other areas of his life. This explains his empowered feelings and actions after this experience. 

Gurus and spiritual systems

The issue with gurus in spiritual systems is a significant one that affects many people. While what I say here may not apply to every guru or system, it is good to be generally aware of this.

Many people do experience 'energetic experiences' like extreme peace, calmness, energy flows, feelings of joy etc. in some group or individual context in these systems. 

This commonly results in attributing that energetic experience to the guru or the spiritual system where it occurred. As it happens more often, there is a natural gratitude that is extended to the guru for the experience and the greatness of the guru becomes a personal experienced truth for some people at a pretty deep level.

I believe that these 'energetic experiences' are the basis for the  faith, zeal and conviction that 'true believers' express to their particular faith or system. This is at a different level than just intellectual agreement or understanding.

In this mental and emotional context, anything that the guru does or the system prescribes is given a lot of weight. In this state, any amount of limiting beliefs or theories regarding all aspects of ones life will be readily absorbed as 'truth'. 

Even unreasonable behavior from the guru or the system will be put up with as if it is one's own fault and it will usually be given a very 'positive spin' as was done in this case.

This happens even if the person involved is pretty intelligent, rational and analytical in other areas of his life! It is almost as if the guru or the system are exempt from scrutiny and analysis that would readily be applied in other areas of our lives.

When you work with methods like Emotrance and Positive EFT and have a 'high energy experience' in a totally different context, the association of 'high energy experiences' and a particular guru or a system breaks in a way that no amount of logic or reason can ever accomplish. 

This frees the person to consider his relationship to his guru or system on more reasonable and healthy terms and take conscious decisions regarding its future based on that.

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