Case Stories

While theory of techniques is good, you get a better perspective when you see them in action in everyday situations. The cases below are from my personal experience working with clients and friends. 

  1. EFT for fear of dogs - describes the utility of  EFT for common everyday fears without any complex analysis, pep talk, talk therapy or performance coaching! 

  2. Emotrance for depression after a bad accident - while these techniques are not meant for physical issues, they can address the associated emotional issues frequently accompany severe issues and make a significant difference.

  3. Emotrance for low self esteem - this case shows how Emotrance can make a significant difference to a person's self concept and confidence. I also have some relevant observations on energetic experiences in the context of spiritual systems and gurus.

  4. Emotrance and EFT for demo anxiety - this case shows the practical utility of these methods in professional workplace.

  5. EFT for anxiety in the playground - teaching kids to do something when they are anxious of doing something is a trying time for parents. This case story offers some suggestions on managing the same.

  6. Positive EFT for exam anxiety - managing anticipation anxiety before important exams is as important as the usual exam preparation. This case story shows the effective use of Positive EFT in such a case.

  7. Positive EFT in the Homeo Clinic - my experience with introducing positive EFT to manage stress and emotions in some chronic cases.

I will be updating this page with a lot more case stories in the coming days, come back for updates!

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