Kalyan Sonnathi


On this website, you will a lot of interesting material on managing stress, conditioned behavior, learning effectively, health and so on.

While these might seem to be unrelated topics at first glance, you will see as you go through this website that they are related in surprising ways. 

These are topics that I have been fascinated for a long time. Over the last decade, I have explored many theories and techniques and tried them out in practical everyday situations. 

A lot of what I have learnt in these areas is not main stream knowledge. You will find more details about them in the pages of this website. I hope what I write here will stimulate your curiosity to explore, learn and apply this information in your own life!

You can get started by reading a case study, learning a technique or understanding stress better.

Recent Articles

  1. Inflexible schedules

    Different people learn at different rates. If this is not accounted for and a hard tight schedule enforced, it leads to problems.

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  2. Is the learner passive?

    Whether the design of learning environment keeps the student actively working the skill for the most part or as a passive observer makes all the difference.

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  3. Positive EFT in the homeo clinic

    This case story describes my experience of introducing positive eft to a few of my wife's clients in her homeo clinic

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